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A listing tool kit for real estate professionals

Manage, market, and sell real estate in one secure location

A listing tool kit for real estate professionals

Manage, market, and sell real estate in one secure location




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Homes Sold, Faster.

What is is a tool that enables real estate professionals to manage, market, and sell listings in one secure location. It will help drive competition and sell homes faster using a simple technique...
 ⦿   Manage everything in one secure location
 ⦿   Keep clients well informed
 ⦿   Create a consistent experience for your clients
Why is this tool so effective? will help you and your team provide interested buyers with an easy to read, and professionally organized, Listing Information Package.

Well informed buyers make purchase decisions faster. The conversation with potential buyers will quickly turn to price and speed instead of requesting more information about the home or neighborhood.

As you share your Listing Information Package with interested buyer parties, you and your team will receive Buyer Interest Reports that explain the open, read, and %-read, of each document, by each buyer party. You'll be able to focus your attention on the most interested parties, and eventually see offers coming well before they arrive.
What is a listing information package?
A “Listing Information Package” contains the supplemental documents that buyers won't find on real estate portals like Zillow. keeps your info-package secure; your packet will never end up on google. You share it with whom you want to.

A Listing Information Package should include all of the supplemental documents that you have on your listing (e.g., Sellers Disclosures, Property Inspection Reports, HOA Articles, Property Brochure, Pest Inspection Report, Floor Plan, etc).
How do I get started? Basic Membership is completely free. You’ll be able to do everything you do now to sell a home in fewer steps and in one secure location. The first step is to create a property info package in It is free to create and share an unlimited amount of Listing Information Packages. The Pro Membership is an additional set of features that allows agents to see the activity of each buyer party. It unlocks a whole suite of communication tools that make it easy to keep buyers and sellers engaged with the deal.
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