Get to the signing table, faster.

The escrow period is 40% faster in markets where the common practice is to provide pre-listing disclosures to buyers before they make an offer.    

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Professional representation for your sellers.

 Share Landing Pages - not PDF's.

Share important property information with a secure landing page, instead of a PDF.

Takes the guesswork out of receiving offers.

 Monitor Buyer Activity.

Understand true buyer interest in fewer steps with diligence activity monitoring.

Greatly reduces the busy-work around offers.

 Compare Offers, Side-by-Side.

Receive offers and compare terms side-by-side with your sellers. Goodbye Excel.

Tools for every member of the team. From on-market to sold.

 Team Ready.

Tools for TC's, Agents, Buyers & Sellers. Work together with everything in one place.

Complete with DocuSign and many more integrations.

Get up-and-running in minutes!
Send buyers a trackable landing page - instead of a PDF.